Tuesday, April 01, 2008


In a dark street...... you met him randomly,his glasses seemed familiar, smoking and his sixty years written over his face. It was like seeing yourself in a mirror.... only a mirror never lies.
You lit a cigarette, asked him and he told you :
Living wasn't an option..... they say it's a gift..... yet I regret nothing.
For nights and nights I wondered, but now I which I never knew.
Killed my desires so I can go on, was painful like cutting your fingers.... at first you panic seeing the blood all over but you get used to it.
Time taught me a lot, never knew what it's like to be.... to feel.....
So many passed by me, some remained for a while and others didn't, and I, still sitting, eventually had to leave.
Sooner or later, you just realise that happy ends don't exist... you just know it and you keep watching and watching.... the circle goes round and round....
Silence and nightmares were my friends, even though I tried.... I couldn't cry...
I can still remember this face.... wonder where she's now, hope she's happy cuz that's all what you can do...wishing happiness for those who deserve it... that sometimes seemed enough... just take your heart off your chest.
I didn't deserve....divine wisdom drew my path and no matter how hard I tried, couldn't change what was meant to be....that's why I've to rest in peace covered by dust.


  1. Existential beauty. Great literary skills and beautiful use of words. If you are interested in a little project e-mail me.

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